Finding The Big 8

There I was in Crawford, CO looking at an eight-acre piece of land in December of 2012.  I had spent the last 38 years of my life in Vermont. The fifteen before that on the Jersey Shore and my first three years of life in a Northern Suburb of Chicago.  I had wanted to move out west and specifically Colorado ever since watching Westerns on TV as a child. While my girl friends were changing their Barbie Doll outfits, I was playing with my cowboy action figure, Johnny Quest and his trusty horse. I had little plastic corral panels to build for Johnny’s horses and others I had acquired.  My friends were in their girly bedrooms on shag carpets driving Ken and Barbie around in his sports car while Johnny and I were under the shrubs building corrals and fighting Indians off wagon trains.  John Wayne, My friend Flicca, Gunsmoke, The Riflemen, Wagon Train, Bonanza and others were the characters I grew up with. I longed to ride horses on cattle drives, rope calves, wear spurs and chinks, sleep under the stars and shoot quarters out of the air with my six-shooter.

My dream of living in the west took its first turn in 1992. My former husband and I and our six-year-old daughter were vacationing on a dude ranch on the western slope of Colorado. It was before the internet came into our daily lives. I found the ranch we stayed on in a Ranch Vacations field book. After our 2-3 night stay, I wanted to move to Crawford, Co immediately! I wanted to at least buy a piece of land or an old mobile home or cabin or something, anything! Steve didn’t want anything to do with any of it. It was too far away from Vermont. DREAM CRASHER!

That may have been the beginning of the end for Steve and me. We prospered well in the business we had but by the time Darcie was ten, our marriage had declined at a fast rate. We divorced and I contemplated moving to Colorado but didn’t want to take Darcie that far from her father, family, and friends. I turned forty, got divorced and enrolled in community college all on the same day.

So Darcie grew up, went to college in Virginia, came home, went to massage therapy school and announced that she was moving to Boulder Co. I was at the end of a fourteen year, on again off again relationship. She moved to Boulder. I started to look for land in Crawford. She was twenty-four. I was Fifty-five.

The following posts will include the adventures of a fifty-five-year-old woman following her wild west dreams!