“Amongst The Western Cowboys”

Cowboy hats, ball caps, wild rag scarves tied in place around their necks.

Waves from pick up trucks – A tradition they hang on to even if the newcomers
don’t get it.

Worn leather gloves, pearl snap shirts, boots, spurs of all makes and models.

Stock trailers with a loose horse or two tacked up and ready to ride.

The jingling of spurs following you into the general store, restaurant or bar.

A warm honest smile asking you how your day is going and listening to your

Everyday is a work day. Unless there is a family gathering.

Families come before the cows.

“If you’re not learning, you’re not working hard enough.”

“Start each day with a good breakfast. Never know when the next meal will be.”

Easy smiles with quick laughter, usually at something stupid they did that day or
one before.

No matter the weather or a  sickness the job will get done. Be it calving, fencing,
feeding or bucking bales.

Barb wire, fence stretchers, a stay or two, T posts and an irrigation shovel litter
the beds of pick-ups.

Strong calloused, swollen hands with palms smooth as leather, emitting the
gentelest touch.

Knowing he will come home at night with the same warm smile he left with.